05 FEB
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AEA Selection 13 graduates                   

Ten students recently completed the Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA) course. The graduation...

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11 FEB
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ER24’s AEA Selection 10 graduates 

Eight students tried and at the end succeeded in passing the difficult ER24 Ambulance Emergency...

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CPR saves lives!

The thing about an emergency is that you never know when one may arise?

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26 MAY
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[Video] Emergency Services in Hostile Environments AEA 01-2014

Recently AEA Selection 8 (01-2014) attended the EMSHE course. The course is specifically...

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30 JAN
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Paramedic Safety (EMSHE) – A Short Audio Documentary

Recently paramedics have yet again become the target of violent criminals. They are being held...

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