15 JUN
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[LISTEN] Babies – The Unwanted, Abandoned and Unknown

This year alone ER24 has responded to more than three incidents where abandoned babies were...

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08 JUN
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[LISTEN] Thousands evacuated during Knysna fires

[LISTEN] On the June 7, 2017 thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and properties...

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02 JUN
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[LISTEN] Fire and Burns – Health Minutes with Dr Holgate

In this edition of Health Minutes with Dr Holgate, we talk about fire and burns. We are joined...

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CPR saves lives!

The thing about an emergency is that you never know when one may arise?

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01 MAY
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[LISTEN] Snake Bites – The do’s and dont’s

In this podcast, we are joined by Dr Robyn Holgate and Ma’or Margo, where we discuss the do’s...

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17 APR
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[LISTEN] When do we use medical helicopters?

When do we call for a medical helicopter to assist on a scene or airlift a patient? In this...

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