10 people injured in six collisions

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ER24 paramedics from the Western Cape responded to more than six motor vehicle collisions in less than seven hours last night. All the collisions occured in the Cape Town area. Ten people in total were left injured during the course of the night.   The first two collisions happened approximately ten metres from one another about two hours apart. In the first collision five people were left with injuries ranging from minor to moderate. ¬†ER24 paramedics transported three of these patients to Tygerberg Hospital and Grootte Schuur Hospital for further treatment. The other two patients were transported by other services. Fortunately no injuries were sustained in the second as well as the third collision which occured on Victoria Road in the Western Cape.   One person was there after left with moderate injuries in another collision that occured on Ottery Road. ER24 paramedics also treated and transported the patient to a nearby hospital for treatment.   Then, at approximately 4am another motor vehicle collision occured on Waterloo Road in Wynberg. This collision left four people injured with injuries ranging from minor to moderate. ER24 paramedics transported all four patients to hospital for further treatment.   As the sun rose ER24 Paramedics responded to another collision where a light motor vehicle collided with a truck that was on fire at about 7 am this morning. Unbelievably no injuries were sustained in this collison.   The cause of all the above incidents still remain unknown. ER24 urges the public to please drive safely, especially during night time.

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