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Ten students recently completed the Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA) course. The graduation ceremony was held at the ER24 Head Office on February 3. AEA Selection 13 graduates included Abel Selekoe and Tyrone van den Berg from ER24 Bloemfontein, Daneel Scheepers from ER24 Joburg Central, Dean Anderson from ER24 Cape Town West Metro, Karl Prinsloo from A1 Assist, Ntombekhaya Kelemana from the Eastern Cape Government EMS, Jason Thomas from ER24 Pietermaritzburg, Rees Webber from ER24 Joburg West, Tasha Motseme from ER24 Cape Town South Metro and Teboho Petrus Motloung from ER24 Bethlehem. Karl was handed the Best Student certificate and Abel was handed the Most Improved Student certificate. Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Training Officer, Nicole de Montille, said, “These 10 individuals made big sacrifices and commitments and achieved the final goal. It was trying times. Students missed time with their families. But in the end, it was worth it. We are proud of you.” ER24 commends all the graduates and wishes them well.   What some of the graduates had to say about the course:   Rees Webber – It was a good course. It was interesting and we learnt a lot. The simulation exercise, where a “patient” is treated and transported to hospital, was stressful but a good learning experience. The Emergency Medical Services in Hostile Environments (EMSHE) part of the course was the most challenging. It was tough but we worked as a team and got through it. I am looking forward to going back on the road to treat patients.   Jason Thomas – The course was stressful and a lot of hard work but enjoyable. The most challenging part was the examinations. The simulation exercise gave us an idea of what to expect on the road. EMSHE either makes or breaks a team. For Selection 13, it strengthened us as a team. The AEA course taught me to become a better and stronger person in my field of work.   Dean Anderson – The course was tough, stressful and enjoyable. I enjoyed EMSHE. The challenging part was being away from home and having to deal with everything without the support structure I usually have. The course has made a huge impact on my life. It has given me a different perspective on EMS in general.   Abel Selekoe – The course was nice but challenging at the same time. It was mentally and physically draining. Mid-team and final examinations were challenging but we pulled through. The simulation was stressful and EMSHE was a good experience. Our teamwork was tested. Graduating feels great but I will miss everyone.   Ntombekhaya Kelemana – The course was good and challenging. I learnt a lot. It was a good experience. EMSHE was challenging but I enjoyed it. The simulation was also challenging but it was a great learning experience. It felt like we were attending to a real incident. Being away from home was challenging but I made it.   Daneel Scheepers –The course took a lot of tears and sweat but it was fun. EMSHE was physically and emotionally challenging. The simulation was nice. It gave us an idea as what to expect. It felt good graduating. The course made a big difference in my life. It made me grow as a person. FOR FURTHER PHOTOGRAPHS VISIT https://www.flickr.com/photos/er24ems/albums/72157663753026780

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