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Don’t become a road accident statistic

After long months of pandemic-related stress and anxiety, we all need something to look forward to – and for many South Africans, this means taking a road trip. However, frightening statistics reveal that a potentially happy holiday may well end in tragedy on our roads.

Recorded deaths on South African roads numbered 12 503 in 2019. This places SA right at the top of a list of countries with the most dangerous roads in the world, according to research by Zutobi, an international driver education company. Its analysis considered a number of criteria, including:

  • number of road deaths
  • maximum speed limits
  • number of people who wear a seatbelt.

However, if one takes into account the number of traffic deaths as a percentage of the population, Thailand records the most deaths per 100 000 people, at 32.7. South Africa comes in second, but the numbers remain grim at 25.9 deaths per 100 000.