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ER24 and Vision Tactical – Answering the call

ER24 and Vision Tactical have responded to the unique needs of people experiencing adverse conditions and homelessness during this COVID19 pandemic transporting the homeless in Johannesburg to various hospitals for medical care after urgent appeals for assistance from shelter service providers.

Communities across the Gauteng province are coordinating efforts to slow transmission of COVID-19 and mitigate impacts of the virus on people experiencing homelessness.

Information is changing quickly as the nature of the coronavirus is understood, and additional resources become available.

Transportation plays a vital role in supporting people staying in shelters who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms to move between the shelter and isolation/quarantine facilities or hospitals.

In the early stages of the pandemic, temporary shelters were built in various areas within the city. These shelters, which include sanitation, was implemented to assist with social distancing measures.

Yaseen Theba, CEO of Vision Tactical, says these shelters have been set up to house those that have nowhere to go.

Theba added that Vision Tactical’s tactical officers have been briefed and trained on COVID-19 recommendations, how to wear PPE, and how to sanitise vehicles.

ER24 Gauteng Regional Manager Gareth Staley was contacted by Theba who requested specialised medical assistance.

ER24 proudly assisted with several transportations from these shelters to nearby hospitals so those in need could receive the necessary medical attention.

ER24 is proud to provide #realhelprealfast alongside Vision Tactical to the less fortunate during these uncertain times we are facing as a nation.

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