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ER24 ensures workplace safety

Simply walking into the office is no longer a reality in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why ER24 has partnered with companies to ensure the safety of their employees and clients in line with government regulations.

Since the coronavirus first struck, ER24 has been offering a holistic COVID-19 solution for companies throughout South Africa. “When COVID-19 began, and specifically when organisations began to return to work, we found there was a lot of confusion in the market,” says Coleen Daniel, Corporate Sales Manager at ER24. Whether it was about what personal protective equipment (PPE) was required to what processes to implement at building entrances, companies sought support from medical professionals. Enter ER24.

Holistic support
In response to the needs of its corporate base, ER24 formulated a COVID-19 support service plan to help companies navigate uncharted waters. “We support companies with carrying out risk assessments and offer a range of services from placing paramedics at entrance points to provide COVID-19 screening, through to providing organisations with PPE, arranging everything from sanitisers to gloves,” says Daniel. “ER24 developed an app which includes COVID-19 screening and self-assessments for staff.” In addition, ER24 facilitates office demisting and sanitising following a positive case.

“We’ve also set up a number of dedicated lines within our 24-hour Contact Centre for clients that let their staff and members call in for a telephonic screening in line with NICD [National Institute for Communicable Diseases] guidelines,” she continues. One client requested that ER24 arrange for triage into a doctor network if medically required. In this instance, if an individual undergoing a telephonic screening has positive COVID-19 symptoms, they’ll be put through to our doctor. The doctor will then give the person a referral letter to have a COVID-19 test. “When our doctors receive the patient’s results, they’ll issue the necessary prescriptions and provide feedback to the organisation on that patient,” explains Daniel.

Once an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19, ER24 can also offer an additional layer of support in the form of trauma counselling. “Someone can call in and say, for example, ‘I’m on day three of my diagnosis and confined to home with my family. I need to speak to someone to take me through the emotional challenges of being isolated. It’s similar to a trauma debriefing.”

By offering a complete solution for the corporate environment, ER24 has alleviated many organisations’ stresses around managing COVID-19. “It’s an end-to-end solution that removes the burden of managing this themselves on an ongoing basis and has been adapted as regulations have changed,” says Daniel.

Tailormade solutions

Each company is different, and so too are their COVID-19 safety requirements. With this in mind, ER24 has avoided a one-size-fits-all approach. “Our offerings are based on the needs of our clients. We tailor solutions to meet these needs,” explains Daniel.

“Through the app we created, an employee is able to complete the COVID-19 self-assessment before leaving home. They then receive either a green light to go to the office or a red light to contact the ER24 Contact Centre or consult with their family doctor. This method also helps companies plan and manage their workflow more efficiently.

In one of the most tumultuous and uncertain times in recent history, ER24 is using its expertise effectively to keep companies safe, compliant and successful.