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ER24 proudly affiliated with EENA

ER24 is proud to announce that it has become a member of the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

EENA is a non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, Belgium with the mission to contribute to improving the safety and security of people. This also aligns with ER24’s core values which include a focus on patient safety.

112 is the European emergency number in all 28 EU member states, as well as other countries in Europe and elsewhere. People in distress can call 112 24/7 to reach the fire brigade, medical assistance and the police. The European emergency number is free and can be reached by landline phones as well as mobiles.

In South Africa mobile operators, by law, have to make 112 available as an emergency number on their mobile devices and network even without airtime or when the device is locked. ER24 operates the 112 centres of Vodacom as well as Cell C and facilitate over a 1.5 million calls a month. We pride ourselves in that we align with international 112 standards. We also provide access to private emergency services through 084 124 where the Contact Centre provides an array of services.

“As part of our newly joint affiliation we will be able to share ideas, discuss legislation and embrace new technology with over 1300 emergency services representatives from over 80 countries worldwide,” said Shakira Cassim, ER24’s Contact Centre Manager.

“This new association is very exciting, and it puts us on the international roadmap where emergency medical services (EMS) are concerned. The association also fits in well with our strategic plan to learn as much as possible and to also further our footprint in becoming the largest private EMS provider in Africa,” said Shakira.