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“I was surrounded by family”

In 2019, Shirley Ann Moth was rescued and cared for by her son Chad’s ER24 “family” after a road accident. His colleagues came to her aid at the scene – but the care she received is what these skilled professionals deliver to everyone – including each other.

One Sunday – 20 January 2019, to be precise – Shirley was involved in a vehicle collision on the R44 while headed towards Strand in the Western Cape. “The moment the car came to a standstill, I realised I was injured,” she says. “I asked the first person who came up to me to contact ER24. I then managed to get someone to pass my cell phone out of my handbag.”

After calling her husband, Shirley dialled ER24 in Somerset West. Fortunately, she had the number saved on her phone. “Anthony Naidoo answered, and I told him I was the mother of one of their paramedics in George and I needed an ambulance quickly, as I was injured.”

In what felt like minutes to Shirley, ER24 paramedic Victor Rademan and his partner were on the scene. “I told him my name, and he recognised me. Obviously, I was concerned that my son had heard the call on the radio, but Victor was a superstar. He assured me he would contact Chad directly and only when I was ready for him to do so.”

Victor and an ER24 colleague proceeded to take care of Shirley. “Those two medics were beyond unbelievable. They did not do a thing before explaining to me what they’d be doing and kept asking how I was doing.” Once Shirley was stabilised, and in the ambulance, she asked them to contact Chad. “By then, they had an idea of my injuries and that I was going to be okay! Victor explained the situation to Chad, reassuring him that I’d be fine.”

Shirley can’t hide the admiration and appreciation in her voice as she describes the actions of the ER24 team and Mediclinic Vergelegen crew for their swift action in providing the necessary care – and beyond. The team looked after her and made sure they did the same for their colleague, Chad. In this sense, they did what they do best – looking at each person as more than a number, but as a unique individual.

“I know that I didn’t only get this treatment because I was family – so many of the nurses and patients who heard me praise ER24 agreed that this is a very special group of people. ER24 can be very proud to have them on their team.”