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On-Site Medical Care

ER24’s Site Based Medical Service (SBMS) department has been in existence since 2010 and now forms a core part of the business. These services are best described as the customised provision of EMS and an integrated healthcare support solution to a variety of clients at risk or in remote locations in both South Africa and internationally.

“We successfully manage contracts within a number of industry sectors on behalf of the client in SA, sub-Saharan Africa and Africa,” says Walter Egger, ER24’s Project Sales Manager: Mining, Energy & Infrastructure. He adds that the majority of the SBMS business (up to 95%) sits within the SA mining environment.

Peter van der Merwe, ER24 Industrial Site Based Manager, says other clients include hotels, shopping centres, retail spaces, casinos, and off-shore oil rigs and drill ships. “We engage with clients to unpack customised, all-encompassing medical assistance solutions,” he says. SBMS runs 30-odd projects involving more than 200 emergency medical staff – from basic life support to advanced life support and doctor-based solutions.

“In essence, we provide medical assistance and infrastructure to mitigate on-site medical emergency risk,” says Egger. “We strive to minimise health and safety impacts, which ensures continuity of client business and productivity in the event of a medical emergency incident.”

SBMS ideally engages industrial clients early in the project lifecycle. “We then offer a solution that involves presenting a medical risk assessment and providing first-aid training for key employees. Local patient transport off site to a centre of medical excellence may be supported by numerous ER24 emergency branches located nationwide.”

ER24’s SBMS supports clients through the various building blocks of their project’s lifecycle: from start to finish. “We’re there to support that client – ensuring the health and safety of all boots on the ground, dependants, visitors and VIPS visiting the site,” Egger says.

Services offered

  • Medical staffing solutions
  • Medical procurement
  • Medical third party assistance services
  • First aid training
  • Emergency medical services
  • Evacuation plans, including fixed-wing aero-medical services globally and HEMS in most areas of SA.

“We supply an on-site emergency medical resuscitation room that’s fully equipped to the required scope of practice. This facility is commensurate with the level of qualification of the ER24 emergency medical staff member on site. The mining industry is governed by health and safety rules and regulations, and when there’s an incident, there are rigorous enquiries and investigations that may have serious implications financially, operationally, and from a civil liability perspective for the client,” Egger explains. “We also offer customised ER24 Contact Centre services 24/7, with all calls being data-stored, POPI-protected and recorded for medico-legal purposes.”

SBMS is well positioned to provide clients with high level customised on-site medical assistance solutions ensuring “duty of care” to their employees, contractors, labourers, visitors and VIPs to their site operations,” Egger adds. “We strive to render first responder services to the patient as soon as possible, to ensure the clients’ continuity of business across all areas of their operational environment.”