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Take the first step to a healthier lifestyle

Tried to kick 2018 off with a long list of healthy resolutions and not quite sticking to them? You are not alone. Today, the 16th of February 2018, we celebrate Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day and ER24 urges everyone to try and live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

Where do I start?

The most important part is to take that first step. Whether it is getting rid of the sugar in your cup of coffee or walking during your lunch breaks. Dr Robyn Holgate, ER24’s Chief Medical Officer, offers a few ‘steps’ to start living your best life, now.

Healthy lifestyle recommendations:

-lower salt intake

-limit alcohol intake

-balanced diet (everything in moderation)

-exercise regularly

-stop smoking

-drink more water

-eat more fruit and vegetables

-spend time with family and friends

-spend time outdoors

-try and manage your stress

-get a good night’s sleep (6 – 8 hours)

Why leading a healthy lifestyle is important:

According to Dr Holgate, “good nutrition, exercise and healthy behaviours are critical for longevity. Chronic lifestyle diseases are related to unhealthy behaviours such as poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and unhealthy behaviours like, for example, tobacco use.”

Eating healthy is not only for those who need to lose weight – everyone should lead a balanced lifestyle. Take that first step today!