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World Blood Donor Day – Aislinn’s story

Donating blood does save lives. Here is Aislinn’s story.

Although Aislinn Shari Louis always wanted to donate blood, it was not a possibility due to being diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure.

It started in June 2016 when she was rushed to the emergency room. According to Aislinn, it felt like she had flu, however, due to the severity of her situation she should have been brought in on a stretcher. Aislinn was diagnosed with stage 5 renal failure and received numerous blood transfusions. She is currently on peritoneal dialysis as this allows her more freedom. She tried haemodialysis in 2017 but due to complications ended up in hospital for two months.

Aislinn wants to thank everybody who donates blood and gives of their time to support the WP Blood Transfusion Service. She is a testimony to the fact that your one blood donation can save up to three people’s lives. Visit to find out where you can donate blood in the Western Cape. You can visit to find out where to donate blood in the rest of South Africa.