Bakkie Rolls on the N3

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ER24 paramedics from the Pietermaritzburg branch explained that the man involved in the accident on the N3 this afternoon was lucky to have survived.
It seems that as he was coming around the bend on the N3 just before Nottingham Road – an area notorious for accidents – the vehicle suddenly swerved out of control and rolled up the embankment and then down into the road again. The 30 year old man was ejected from the bakkie and he landed in the road.
Towing services who arrived first at the scene safely and quickly move the man and vehicle from the middle of the road, thereby preventing further possible injury to the man and further accidents from happening. Paramedics explained that there has been a massive increase in traffic in the area with the wind down of the public holidays.
The man had suffered multiple injuries and was treated by the Advanced Life Support paramedic on scene, loaded into the waiting ER24 ambulance and transported to Pietermaritzburg Medic Clinic for further care.
No other vehicles were involved in the accident.
ER24 once again wishes to stress the importance of safe and alert driving, especially with the increase in vehicles travelling long distances following the public holidays.

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