[CAPE TOWN] 11-year-old saves brother from drowning

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A 10-year-old-boy was saved by his 11-year-old sister when he became unresponsive in a pool in West Riding, Cape Town on Friday afternoon.

At approximately 12:30 midday, paramedics from ER24 and Community Medics arrived at the pool in a complex where they found bystanders with the child. The child was confused but in a stable condition. Bystanders explained to paramedics that the children were in the pool when his sister noticed he did not come up from under the water. She called out to the adults which then rescued him from the water. They continued to explain that the boy was unresponsive and he only later regained consciousness after expelling water.

Paramedics assessed the child and transported him to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital for further care.


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