Caring is part of the job description

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For the past three years ER24 has played a supportive role in both Tania Johnson and her mother’s lives.

Carin Fouché, Tania’s mother, lives in an old age home in Mosselbay. She turned 70 on the 10th of July and all Tania wanted to do for her mother is have her at home. Carin is a quadriplegic and wheelchair bound. To transport her mother poses quite a challenge for Tania.

This is where ER24 comes in.

They’ve been picking Carin up for the past three years for one or two big occasions. Her birthday and Christmas.

“You go and visit her at the old age home perhaps for an hour every day between work. But it is good to be able to take her out of her environment. Just to show her that you’ve not forgotten about her,” said Tania.

On the morning before her 70th birthday, Marshal Muller and Donito Barends, two paramedics from ER24’s Mosselbay base, picked Carin up from the old age home and brought her to Tania’s house.

“We wanted to take her to a nice restaurant but it was raining heavily. We decided to stay at home and have a braai instead. She was so happy to be with us and to also have the dogs (Slippers and Luca) around her,” said Tania.

16 years ago, at the age of 54, Carin fell and broke her neck. In hospital, she suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed. She retained the use of her left hand.

“Although my mother might be bound to a wheelchair there is nothing wrong with her mind and sense of humor. She loves to be around us. She also loves to chat and she even has a few gossip stories to tell! To have her visit me is a blessing. It means a lot to have my mother with me. I sometimes wish I could do more,” said Tania.

Johann Prinsloo, branch manager of ER24’s Southern Cape branch, sees this act of kindness as part of the job description of being a great paramedic.

“It means a lot to be able to help- it is all that I know. Valuing someone’s feelings and taking care of their well-being is a big part of our job. ER24 has the tools to make a difference. It is not just about a company’s profit, it is about being a well-balanced company,” said Johann.

“I appreciate the two paramedics who helped to transport my mother. They’ve been so friendly towards me and my mother and they are always full of smiles.

“I always know she is safer when being transported with the ER24 ambulance and I would just like to say thank you to ER24 for always being able to help. I appreciate it so much,” said Tania.

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