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Help! Someone is choking

There are two types of choking: a partial airway obstruction (mild choking), and a complete airway obstruction (severe choking). The second scenario is the one that could be fatal if not acted on immediately. ER24’s Johannesburg West Branch Manager Raeesah Boomgaard share…

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Lifesaving tips for alcohol poisoning

Having a celebratory drink is pleasant – but going overboard can be dangerous. It can even lead to alcohol poisoning, which can seriously damage your health.  ER24’s Southern Cape Operational Branch Manager Tao Carstens shares her knowledge about alcohol poisoning, how to…

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Take rip tides seriously

Rip tides are dangerous and one of the main causes of lifeguard rescues, says lifeguard and ER24 North Metro Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedic Natasha Joubert. She shares her knowledge of these dangerous ocean currents, how to survive them, plus how surfers…

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