Connor’s Party

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Original Title: Connor’s 4th Birthday Party at Home

ER24 Paramedics Busy Treating Ethan

It was Connor’s 4th birthday party today, and we held it at home.  It’s been a long day and I’m pretty exhausted, but blogging my days photos is my routine so it has to be done!! It was quite a party too… with the most awesome cake made by my mom, a wicked waterslide… and ambulances and paramedics!!

Yes, you read that right.  It was a pool party and the theme was Fire Engines.  Connor is hooked on anything with sirens and lights, and dearly wanted a party at the firestation, but the one close to us doesn’t do parties anymore.  So instead, we had the party at home with a waterslide… also water themed.  Well, his dream of sirens and lights at his party came true anyway, when one of our friend’s kids were taken to the hospital after a pool accident!
Ethan Loaded into an ER24 Ambulance

First though, the cake.  My mom made such an amazing cake that had all the kids fascinated, and in fact, some of them started playing with the cake after the candles were blown out.  She had a ball using Lego as well as dinky fire trucks and response cars to create a story.  She used liquorice as roads, jelly babies as spectators (or rubbernecks as my brother called them), Lego fireman with extinguishes to blow out the candles (the fire); she even had a fire pole in the station house that she built!!

And then Ethan had an accident.  One of the kids jumped in the pool and landed on top of him.  Lance noticed the other child come to the surface, but not Ethan… so he dived in to get him.  Thank God Lance was watching – he did however ruin his  week old Blackberry Torch in the process though.  Ethan lost consciousness for a few seconds, and thankfully my brother and sister-in-law were there to check him out (they’re both paramedics) after he was brought out of the pool.  They checked him out properly, then called ER24 to take him to hospital to have spine x-rays and CT scans.
He’s fine though… in hospital for observation overnight because he has swelling on his spine.   Such a downer for his parents though, who had tickets to the U2 concert!
All the kids thought it was fantastic though… that there was an ambulance and lights and paramedics etc!! LOL!  Not a nice thing to happen at a party.
Written by Jeanette Verster

We have heard that Ethan is doing well (ER24).

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Connor on the Waterslide
Connor’s Fire Station Birthday Cake













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