[DELMAS] – Taxi and truck collide leaving two dead, eleven injured.

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Two people have been killed and eleven others injured this morning following a collision between a taxi and truck on the N12 westbound outside of Delmas.

ER24 paramedics, along with other services, arrived on the scene to find both wrecked vehicles on the side of the road. The truck was found lying on its side with its load of scrap spread across the scene.

Upon closer inspection, paramedics discovered the bodies of two men lying trapped inside the taxi. Unfortunately, both men had already succumbed to their numerous injuries. Nothing more could be done for them and they were declared dead.

On further inspection, paramedics found eleven people scattered around the scene. Assessments showed that the injuries sustained ranged from minor to moderate.

The patients were treated for their injuries and were thereafter transported to various hospitals for further treatment.

Local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

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