ER24 Region, Branch and Site Based Service of the Year announced

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  ER24 recently announced the Region, Branch and Site Based Service of the Year. The Central Region was named the Region of the Year. The Cape Town East Metro took the Branch of the Year Award and the AngloGold Ashanti Orkney branch was named the Site Based Service of the Year. This is the fourth time in seven years that the Central Region, covering the Free State and Northern Cape, has taken the award. Sidney Venter, the Central Region manager, said it was great to win again. Venter said that despite challenges such as an increase in the number of opposition emergency medical services and even poor road conditions in some areas, the region continues to grow and provide exceptional service. When asked how he keeps the team motivated despite challenges, Venter said, “I believe that everyone is equal. I as well as managers in the region lead by example. We do what the crews have to do. We all work together.” He thanked the crews for a job well done. “We have a great team. Winning was a team effort. Thank you to everyone in the region. Everyone works together and struggles together. Not everyone is up to it everyday. We have our on and off days but we pull through. I would like to thank Ben Johnson, the ER24 Chief Operating Officer. He has supported us all the way and continues to support us. He gives us the freedom to manage our areas the way we see fit. Thanks to all the managers for hanging in there. All of you understand the way forward which is what has contributed to our success,” he said. Navesh Singh, the Cape Town East Metro branch manager, said he is extremely proud of the achievement. “It is a great accomplishment. It was the 100 percent commitment and dedication from all staff as well as the good time management and team mentoring that led to the East Metro winning the award. There was good leadership from senior staff. I am extremely proud of my team. Well done, keep up the good work and stay positive. Hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. Thank you. Without you this would not have been possible,” he said. Singh thanked ER24’s Clinton Britz and Philip Turner for their advice and guidance as well as ER24’s Grant Josephs for his exceptional work. He also thanked his family for their support. Paul Richter, the manager of the AngloGold Ashanti Vaal River Orkney branch, said he is proud and grateful that they have been acknowledged for the dedicated effort they put in every day. “With ER24 being one of the leading companies in emergency care, it is a great honour to receive the award. I believe that consistency led to the team winning the award. Each and every member of the team contributes to the operations on a daily basis by being innovative and using the vision, mission and goals to further the relationship between ER24 Ashanti Vaal River, the client and community. Thanks to each employee of ER24 Ashanti Vaal River. Judging from a popular saying… this chain is strong because every link is strong,” said Richter. Peter Van der Merwe, the manager of Site Based Medical Services at ER24, commended Richter and his team. “The Site Based Management Team congratulates Richter and the team on a job well done. He and his team are truly deserving of the honours. Their performance and commitment to ER24 has been exemplary and is commendable,” he said. Johnson congratulated the winners. “On behalf of the company, I would like to pass on sincere congratulations and a huge well done to the winners for the 2014/2015 period. I can clearly remember Singh telling us at each Regional Operations meeting that his branch was going to win and there we have it… they did. Great work to him and the East Metro team. That is a job well done and you can be very proud of this result. “As for the Central Regional team… we need to make special mention of the fact that they have now won the Region of the Year for a record four times in the last seven years. This is an exceptional achievement and speaks volumes of the effort that Venter, his management team and crews put in each year. Well done guys. Let’s make it five next year,” he said. Johnson also congratulated all other regions and branches on their achievements during the past year. “The dedication and effort you put in to make our company a success is appreciated. Whilst not everyone can win a trophy, each and every member of the operations team are winners in our patient and extended patient’s eyes,” he said.

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