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An Emergency can occur at anytime and at any place and mostly without warning. When confronted with an emergency we tend to react in two ways. You will either run and hide or assist the person in need. The way a person reacts to an emergency when confronted with one, boils down to one thing. Training. ER24 provides a wide selection of First aid courses to cater to the needs of a verity of industries. During the month of April a company in the food manufacturing industry enrolled for a First aid level three course, facilitated by the ER24 coastal training coordinator. Within a week of completing the week long course an emergency occurred at the factory. Using their newly gained knowledge in first aid the team of first responders managed the emergency perfectly. According to the Health and Safety assistant at the factory, the knowledge basis and confidence presented by the first aiders was superb in controlling and managing the emergency. First aiders play a vital role when an medical emergency occurs. Contact ER24 for all your first aid training requirements and remember to call 084 124 for realhelprealfast.

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