ER24’s AEA Selection 10 graduates 

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Eight students tried and at the end succeeded in passing the difficult ER24 Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA) course. The course puts students through some trying academic and physical hurdles. Bianca Peens, Bongani Makhubela, Chantel Rabie, Chris Harden, Joanne Arderne, Kerry Gamble, Marius Grobler and Michael Moeketsi Shuping received their badges at a graduation ceremony held on February 6. Bianca Peens, from ER24 Joburg South, was handed the Dr John Boden Memorial Trophy. She is thrilled to have achieved her goal to deliver a far greater service than she was able to before. “It is awesome to have that feeling of accomplishment,” she said. Marius Grobler, from ER24 Vaal, was handed the Most Improved Student Award. He said, “Passion pushed me through. This course was a stepping stone for me. Being where I am now has been a life-long dream.” Andrew Boden, ER24 Chief Executive Officer, congratulated the AEA Selection 10 graduates and commended the training team. “To the training team that has done a superb job and to each of the graduates for their achievements, well done. To the graduates, you have done yourselves and the company proud. I look forward to seeing you in red out on the streets, making a difference in patients’ lives,” he said. AEA Co-ordinator Riaan Nothnagel said the students put in a lot of effort and they reaped the rewards. “It is quite a process for these guys to go from day one to graduation day. There are a lot of emotions and things they have to overcome. At the end they succeeded,” he said. Training Officer Nicole De Montille said the students sacrificed a lot. “There were family men and women as well as single mums on this course. They conquered big obstacles. I have been through 10 graduations and it never gets old. Every group is unique. There is something special in every one for them. This is the group that tested us at every turn and I am proud to say they made it. They are going to do great things,” she said. During his keynote speech, ER24 Credit Manager Jester Ogle said to graduates, “What you have achieved today, many who have tried have not been able to. You have overcome your first hurdle. We congratulate you. You are incredible.”  

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