[FLORIDA] One dead, three critical in collision at intersection

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Two light motor vehicles collided at the intersection of Gold Club Terrace and The Highway road, in the Florida suburb of Roodepoort, late last night, leaving one dead and three in a critical condition.

ER24 paramedics along with other services were on the scene just after midnight. All four were still in their vehicles. A female passenger was found to be entrapped and was extricated by the Fire Department. The driver, a 47-year-old male, also required assistance exiting the vehicle before both were treated with Advanced Life Support interventions and transported to a private hospital in the area. A male passenger from the other vehicle was unfortunately declared dead on the scene after showing no signs of life and the driver, also male, was treated and taken to Leratong Provincial Hospital.

The Metro Police and Accident Investigation unit were on the scene for further investigation.

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