Gas leak, 13 hospitalised, Seapoint

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13 people were treated and taken to hospital this morning after an apparent gas leak at a building on the corners of Bay and Frits Sonnenberg Road in Seapoint in the Western Cape. ER24 paramedics, along with various other services, arrived on the scene and found a large group of people had gathered outside one of the buildings. Several patients were reported to have experienced difficulty in breathing. ER24 paramedics and Metro services set a triage area as to assess all of the patients on scene. 43 people were assessed on scene by paramedics while a Hazardous Materials team was sent into the building to assess the situation. After assessment, it was found that 13 out of the 43 patients required further treatment. They were transported to Groote Schuur and New Somerset Hospital for further treatment. The remaining people on scene declined further treatment. It is understood that a bottle, believed to have contained Chlorine, had apparently leaked, causing the incident. Authorities were on scene for further investigations.

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