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[ALLDAYS] – Two hospitalised following light aircraft crash.

This afternoon, a man and a woman were hospitalised after their light aircraft crashed in a field outside Alldays, Limpopo.
ER24 were alerted to the incident by Rocket Air Ambulance that two patients were flown privately to Rand Airport.
On arrival at 17h26, ER24 medics found that staff from Rocket Air ambulance was already tending to the two patients.
On assessment, medics found that the woman had sustained burn wounds over most of her body and was in a critical condition, while the man had sustained burn wounds on his arm, leaving him in a serious condition.
The patients were treated and provided with advanced life support before they were transported to a private hospital for urgent care.
It is understood that the man and woman had crash-landed their aircraft in a field after the plane experienced mechanical failure. After pulling the woman from the burning wreckage, the man was able to find a nearby farmer and contact his son.
The son was able to fly another light aircraft to their location, collect the man and woman and fly them to the paramedics at Rand Airport.
The local authorities will be investigating this incident.