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[BELHAR] Mass casualties after taxis collide head-on

An estimated twenty people have been injured in a head-on collision between two taxis at the intersection of the M10 and the Stellenbosch Arterial Road in Belhar this evening.

ER24 paramedics arrived at 20:20 – Metro EMS, Lima Charlie, the Fire Department and multiple other private services were on scene. All patients are believed to have been adults who suffered moderate to serious injuries. Some needed to be stabilised within the taxis before being moved, but no physical entrapments were reported.

ER24 treated and transported one seriously injured male and two moderately injured patients – a 22-year-old female and a 31-year-old male – all three were taken to Tygerberg Hospital for further care. Another five patients were transported to Tygerberg by other private services. It is believed Metro EMS transported multiple patients to other hospitals in the area as well.

The South African Police Services, as well as the Traffic Department, were also on scene for further investigation.