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[CARLETONVILLE] Four injured in single-vehicle rollover

Four adults have suffered moderate injuries following a single-vehicle rollover on the R501 outside Carletonville this afternoon. A teenaged girl, who was also in the vehicle, was luckily uninjured in the incident.

ER24 paramedics, the provincial Emergency Medical Services, the Fire and Traffic Departments, as well as another private medical service, were all on scene at 13:19. The light motor vehicle was found on its roof in a ditch beside the highway and two people were found lying next to the vehicle.

ER24 treated and transported two adults, a 51-year-old male and a 39-year-old female to Carletonville Hospital for further care. They had both suffered moderate injuries. Provincial treated and transported an adult male, as did the third private service, also with moderate injuries. The teenaged girl declined transport to the hospital.