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[DURBAN CBD] Multiple people assessed following a building fire

Multiple people, including young children, were assessed following a building fire on the corners of Joe Slovo and Anton Lembede street in Durban CBD this afternoon.

When ER24 paramedics arrived at the scene at approximately 14h30, they found smoke billowing from a multi-story building. It is also understood that a creche was located on one of the floors. The Fire Dept as well as Metro Police Search and Rescue managed to contain the fire and brought all the patients safely out of the building. Once outside, paramedics immediately assessed fifteen adults and six children for any injuries. Fortunately, no serious injuries were found and the patients were treated mostly for smoke inhalation. Only two adults were transported to hospital for further medical care. The rest declined to be transported to hospital.

The exact circumstances surrounding the building fire is not known to our paramedics, local authorities were on the scene.