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[HEIDLEBERG] Taxi and truck collide leaving many injured

Many passengers were injured when the taxi they were travelling in collided with a truck, just as the R23 passes under the N3, south of Heidelberg this evening.

ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene at 19:08 to find Provincial Emergency Services had already done triage to deal with the number of patients on the scene. Most had managed to self extricate. An 18-year-old female was critically injured and flown to a private hospital for further treatment by medical helicopter. Two others were found to have suffered serious injuries and at least five had been moderately injured. There were two infants on scene, the rest were adults, both male and female.

ER24 transported seven patients to both Tele Mogoerane Hospital and another private hospital in Heidleberg for further care. The rest of the patients were treated and transported by GPG Provincial EMS.

Lesedi Fire Department as well as the South African Police Services were on the scene for further investigations.