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[IKAGENG] – TWo boys drown in separate incidents.

This week, two boys were declared dead following two separate fatal drownings at a quarry dam in Ikageng, Potchefstroom.
On the 15th of January, ER24 were called to the dam by the SAPS Dive Unit after a 14-year-old boy had disappeared into the dam.
After a few minutes of searching, the dive unit found the boy’s body and brought him to the awaiting paramedics, who declared him dead.
ER24 returned to the dam on the 21st of January after an 8-year-old boy had gone missing whilst swimming.
Once again, the SAPS Dive Unit searched the waters for a few minutes before finding the boys body.
Unfortunately, nothing could be done by paramedics, and he was declared dead.
The details surrounding these incidents are unknown, but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.