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[JOHANNESBURG] One dead, three seriously injured in collision

Four people were seriously injured in a collision between two light-motor vehicles at the roundabout on Nasrec Road in Johannesburg this evening. One of them, an adult male, has since passed away in hospital.

ER24 paramedics were on the scene along with other private services at 19:32 this evening. Two adult males and one adult female from one of the vehicles were found in a serious condition. One of the adult males needed to be extracted by rescue services and the adult female required Advanced Life Support interventions to stabilise her condition before all three patients were transported by both ER24 and another private service on the scene to hospital for further care. Unfortunately, the adult male who was extracted earlier, passed away in hospital.

An adult female was found in the other vehicle, also having suffered serious injuries and was treated and transported by a third private service on-scene.

The JMPD were on scene for further investigations.