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[POLOKWANE] Bus and taxi of school kids collide leaving one dead and fourteen injured

A 13-year-old boy has died and 14 others (13 children plus the driver) have been injured in a collision between a Quantum taxi and a bus on Van Boeschoten Street in Polokwane earlier this afternoon.

ER24 paramedics were on the scene at 14:14 along with GPG, Fire and Traffic Departments, SAPS and other private emergency services. All the injured were from the Quantum taxi – it is believed no one from the bus was injured in the incident. Six children were found to be critically injured – two of them entrapped. Four were seriously injured, two moderately injured and three had suffered minor injuries. The 36-year-old driver was one of the moderately injured patients.

The Fire Department extricated a 13-year-old and a 9-year-old boy from the wreckage. These two critically injured patients as well as the other four critical and four seriously injured patients were treated with Advanced Life Support interventions before being transported to various hospitals in the area for further care. The 13-year-old boy unfortunately died from his injuries at one of the hospitals. The five minor to moderately injured were also treated and transported to hospitals in the area. It is believed all the children were from the same school.

The cause of the incident is unknown to ER24, however SAPS were on the scene for further investigations.