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[R546] – Three incidents leave seven injured.

Seven people were injured this afternoon following three motor vehicle collisions on the R546 between Evander and Embalenhle.

ER24 arrived on the first incident at 15h18 and found that two light motor vehicles had collided, leaving three men in their 20s with minor injuries.
The men were treated and later transported to nearby hospitals for further care.

On arrival at the second incident at 16h29, medics found that a small bakkie had rolled off the road and had come to rest on the riverbed. Two men had already climbed out of the vehicle and were seated near the roadside.
Medics assessed the men and found that they had sustained only moderate injuries. The men were treated and transported to a nearby hospital for further care.

At 17h36, medics arrived on the scene and found that a bakkie had rolled multiple times. On assessment, medics found that a man and woman had sustained minor to moderate injuries. The patients were treated and transported to a hospital for further care.

The exact details surrounding these incidents are unknown, but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.