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20 injured in tornado

[WARTBURG] Two dead, 20 injured as tornado rips through settlement

Two people have been declared dead and 20 others have been treated for minor to moderate injuries at the Mpolweni settlement near Wartburg, KZN, after a tornado struck the area last night.

ER24 paramedics arrived at 5:20 pm after having received a call from Disaster Management and Search & Rescue to assist on the scene. Provincial medics were already on the scene, having assisted with 9 patients. Two adults were unfortunately declared dead on the scene. ER24 set up a triage area and treated and transported a further 9 patients for minor to moderate injuries to various hospitals in the area. Provincial also transported a further two bringing the total injured on scene to 20. An adult woman who had suffered serious injuries as a result of losing control of her vehicle during the storm was treated with Advanced Life Support interventions before being taken to Mediclinic Pietermaritzburg for further care.

Many animals were reported to have been injured or killed in the area and power lines are also down. The Fire Department and SAPS were also on scene. The rescue effort was called off at 23:53 last night and resumed again this morning.