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[WELLINGTON] One dead, three injured in truck trailer collision

The driver of a light motor vehicle has died and three passengers were left injured after their vehicle collided with the trailer of a truck turning onto a farm on Malmesbury Road, outside Wellington, yesterday (21/11/20) afternoon.

ER24 paramedics arrived at 14:10 along with Metro EMS and Rescue, as well as the local Fire Department. The driver, an adult male, had unfortunately suffered fatal injuries and had been declared dead on arrival by the Metro EMS. ER24 treated the front passenger, a 43-year-old male, who had suffered serious injuries, with Advanced Life Support interventions, before transporting him to Paarl Provincial Hospital for further care. Metro treated and transported an adult female and a child of about 11 years of age for minor injuries.

The South African Police Services were also on-scene for further investigations.