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The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA), has launched a campaign to create awareness on how difficult it is for people to quit drugs. The Kick Your Habit challenge, part of SANCA Drug Awareness Week which started today and ends on 30 June, encourages people to give up just one habit for a week. Most people have that one thing that is hard to give up. Certain habits are used as “crutches” to cope with emotional pain, stress or boredom for example. People use these habits to escape or have fun. Habits could include excessive shopping, eating junk food, compulsive cleaning, excessive exercising, gaming or television addictions, social media and other technology addictions, smoking cigarettes or drinking caffeine drinks. People also use drugs and/or alcohol for similar reasons. According to SANCA, after giving up one habit for a week, people participating in the campaign will be able to identify and empathise with someone going through the process of recovery. They will be also be able to provide them with the support and understanding needed to live a drug-free lifestyle. Think of a habit that you have developed and challenge yourself and friends to give it up for the week. If you are up for the challenge, purchase a Kick Your Habit sticker at your closest SANCA branch and pledge what you want to give up. Share your experiences by posting it on the SANCA National Facebook page or on their Twitter account. Contact SANCA on the toll free number 0861 4 72622 to access your closest SANCA branch or contact the SANCA National offices from Mondays to Fridays between 8am to 4pm on 011 892 3829. Also read:  Are you abusing or addicted to OTC, prescription medication? Drugs not dope – Quit and live life A child on drugs… a parent’s nightmare

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