Make sure your child is safe at home

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The most effective way to ensure your child’s safety at home is to take a baby’s point of view to look for anything that could pose a danger. And as your child starts to walk and climb you will have to re-evaluate your home. Here is a checklist:

• Cover sharp furniture edges with padding or foam.

• Cover all plugs with safety covers.

• Hide electrical cords behind furniture or use cord-hiding devices.

• Use doorstops and door holders.

• Cut looped window blinds.

• If you have a fireplace install a grill. Never leave your child there unattended.

• Keep electronic equipment out of reach or locked away.

• Secure any and all furniture that can topple over.

• Install safety locks on all cabinets and doors and put household items, including cleaning products, cutlery and appliances outside children’s reach.

• Do not leave hot pots or pans unattended on the stove.

• Put a latch on the oven, microwave and fridge door and install covers on stove dials.

• Put a lid on the dustbin.

• If you have a dishwasher or washing machine, keep it closed.

• Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and out of reach of children.

• Install a toilet lid lock.

• Put sharp objects and electrical appliances in a locked cabinet or high up in a linen closet.

• Store medications and vitamins out of reach of children.

• Place a non-slip mat inside and outside the bath and shower. Never leave your child in a bath or shower unattended.

• Keep all pools covered with the correct covers at all times.

• Store and lock away all tools like power and gardening tools, as well as fertilisers and pesticides.

• Maintain play equipment. Look for signs of wear or rust.

• Remove toxic plants from your home or garden.

• Take a first-aid course. Parents, caregivers and domestic workers should be proficient in CPR and basic first aid.

• Keep a comprehensive first-aid kit at home.

• Pin a detailed list of emergency numbers on the fridge and keep it next to the phone. Save ER24’s emergency number, 084 124, on your phone. Make sure it is visible in your home, so it can be quickly accessed and remembered.

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