Mental Health Awareness Month – Panic Awareness Day 10th July

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July is Mental Health Awareness  Month and, as always, SADAG is working to increase awareness of Mental Health issues. The 10th of July is Panic Awareness Day and we have planned talks, Facebook  Friday  experts and 3 new You Tubes  videos on panic will be released  on our website.


There will be three presentations held in Johannesburg, Cape Town andDurban.
There are many radio  shows, television interviews, newspaper and magazine articles that will have features on Panic, keep a look out. We will be on Radio 702, SA FM, Lotus  FM, Cape Talk, 3Talk, Yo TV Blue Couch and SABC 2 Morning Live.

Facebook Friday, our online Q&A, will be held on the 5th of July. We will be addressing Panic attacks and have two experts, Dr Colinda Linde and Bradley Drake, who will be available to answer questions at 1pm and 7pm respectively.Log on to The South African Depression and Anxiety Group or click on the Facebook icon via our website


There will be three new videos on our website that will talk about CBT and treatment by expert psychologists Dr Colinda Linde and Bradley Drake.Psychiatrist Dr Shadi Motlana will be talking about the medication often prescribed. Visit our website, on Panic Awareness Day, 10th July, to view them.
The journey of Panic and its recovery is experienced differently by each individual . SADAG would like you to share your experiences, thoughts and comments with us in no more than three paragraphs. Please email your story to and include your name, area in which you live and a contact number. We will choose some of them to print after we have discussed it with you.
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