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ER24 Paramedics engage with communities

ER24 paramedics feel it is of paramount importance for communities to understand the role of the paramedic.

As recent reports have surfaced of paramedics being attacked and robbed, the medics are using every opportunity available to educate members of the public on their role as emergency service personnel.

Recently ER24 paramedics from all Eastern Metro’s in the Cape met in Worcester to interact with the community. They offered members of the community free glucose and blood pressure checks and handed out promotional items to some lucky individuals.

“Our focus is on going into communities to show them that paramedics are approachable and that they are there to help and assist the community. In areas of Worcester, children will run away from an ambulance because parents threaten that paramedics will do them harm when they are not behaving,” says ER24 Spokesperson, Annine Dormehl.

Dormehl says this perception is one that needs to be changed and addressed to ensure the children’s health and safety.

“Our plea to all parents is to equip their children with the right information. At all times, paramedics are there to offer help to those who need it most. It is crucial that children don’t grow up fearing emergency services,” says Dormehl.