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Lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Paramedics at ER24 Milnerton share their tips

We often hear about healthy diets and a balanced lifestyle but do we know what these terms actually mean? Eating healthy is not only for those who need to lose weight – everyone should lead a balanced lifestyle. With February being National Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Month, ER24 is encouraging people to eat wisely, exercise and get sufficient rest.

Because of the demanding nature of the job, paramedics also need to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle. Karien Brand, a paramedic from ER24 Milnerton, says that many aspects of the job are quite physical. Looking after your general health also means keeping your mind fit.

“Going to the gym is also a great way to destress yourself.” – Karien Brand

The paramedics at ER24 Milnerton often try and exercise while at work and in between call outs.

Paramedic Alan Rudnicki, says having a hobby can also shift your focus and help you to relax your mind. “I tend to find that it is an escape from the rush of the emergency services,” he said.

“A hobby can also shift your focus and help you to relax your mind.” – Alan Rudnicki

Dietician Louise Bembridge-Carter, from the Morningside Sports Medicine Centre based at Mediclinic Morningside, explains that being on a diet does not necessarily constitute leading a balanced lifestyle. “A balanced lifestyle is getting the balance between healthy eating, exercise, sleep, stress and family right,” she said. Benefits of healthy eating and exercise and a healthy eating plan can help with weight loss or maintaining weight, preventing certain diseases as well as improving energy, sleep and stomach comfort. “Eating well can improve diabetes by helping with glucose control. It can lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease.”

Remember that a healthy diet and exercise always work well together. Not only does it improve energy but decrease stress levels as well.

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