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Podcast: Disaster Management with Ian Scher from RescueSA

In light of the Cape Peninsula fires, we decided to focus on disaster management. In this Health Minutes podcast we have a special guest, Ian Scher from RescueSA, and he will be talking with us about natural disasters and disaster management. Over the last week or so, the Western Cape experienced a fire that ravaged a very large area, displacing many families from their homes. Fire fighters has been working tirelessly to get the blaze under control. 250 extra volunteers have joined in aiding the fire fighters and rescue services due to the sheer size of the fire. In this podcast, you will find out a bit more about the planning that goes into disaster management. Intro music: Matthew Bow “The Smoke that Thunders” 2015 Intro VO: eNCA – Leaping Flames engulf Cape Town & eNCA – emergency services prove their mettle