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[WATCH] ER24 and OnePlan launches new HEMS in Gauteng


On 16 March 2017 ER24 and OnePlan Health Insurance took to the skies of Gauteng and surrounds to deliver a dedicated emergency medical helicopter service.

The service was officially launched yesterday morning at Casalinga in Muldersdrift, west of Johannesburg. Key industry role players and various stakeholders attended the launch.

‘South Africa has a critical shortage of medical helicopters, with only a few deployed nationally,’ says Ben Johnson, CEO of ER24. ‘Daily, there are numerous requests for air evacuations and we are proud to add to local capacity and deliver this vital service with the new OnePlan ER24 Helicopter.’ The emergency helicopter will be used when ground crew requires specialised equipment or expertise, or where vehicles cannot access the patient.

ER24 will provide specialised emergency care to evacuate patients that meet the flight criteria. The services are operated by our partner Flight Share. This essential service will be based at Grand Central Airport in Midrand, Johannesburg.

OnePlan Health Insurance provides affordable healthcare to many South African that cannot afford medical aid. OnePlan and ER24 are two companies that make the lives of South Africans their number one priority and they have joined forces to provide individuals with affordable accident cover.

The Air Angels product is a supplement to the normal operations of the emergency medical helicopter. Air Angels is an insurance product created by OnePlan Health Insurance to ensure that South Africans are covered while commuting to their desired destinations.

Flightshare, in joint venture with Base 4 Aviation and ER24, will be rolling out additional aeromedical services over the next 18 months.

Jonathan Killik, Chairman of OnePlan Health Insurance says, ‘We provide South Africans with affordable health cover and this is a logical extension, for the least expected situation.’

Ford South Africa also sponsored five Kugas as rapid response and operational vehicles for the newly launched helicopter service in Gauteng.

“The fleet of rapid response vehicles is crucial to the operation of the helicopter emergency medical service, as the ground crew are responsible for ensuring rapid delivery of support staff and effective control of emergency landing zones at the scene of accidents and at risk-involved sporting events, providing the aircrews with efficient logistical management to operate safely,’ Killik added.