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[WATCH] Man rescued from high rise building in Durban

A man was rescued by the Durban fire department after his platform’s ropes got entangled at a high rise building in the Durban CBD this morning.

It is understood that the man was busy cleaning the windows of the building when strong winds resulted in the platform he used to lower himself from the rooftop became entangled. Rescuers from the fire department performed a high angle rescue to reach the man stuck at approximately the 8th floor of the building.

Strong winds made the rescue very difficult.

Paramedics from ER24 were called to the scene for medical standby.

Firemen from inside the building managed to break through one of the windows, but were unfortunately not able to reach the man. Rescuers on ropes later managed to rescue him and lower him to a balcony on the second floor.

He was assessed by paramedics and found to be only traumatised about what had happened. He was not transported to hospital.