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ER24 Medic receives COVID-19 vaccine

Lucas Bezuidenhout from Bloemfontein was the first person from ER24 to receive his COVID-19 vaccine earlier today at Universitas Hospital. As an advanced life support practitioner, Lucas may be required to perform aerosol-generating procedures, which places him in the high-risk category of healthcare workers.

Lucas Bezuidenhout from ER24 receiving his COVID-19 vaccine.

“Everything was well organised here at the hospital, and the staff were very friendly,” said Lucas. “Because I have comorbidities and have largely been working from home, I wanted to get the vaccine so that I would be able to return to the office again. It has to be your own decision at the end of the day, but the more people that get vaccinated, the better our chances are of achieving herd immunity and potentially saving lives.”

Thank you to our Mediclinic Southern Africa colleagues, provincial and national government for the close collaboration and opportunity to participate in the vaccination program.