Off-duty medic saves life on Cape Town bus.

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A man in his late 40s was successfully resuscitated this morning after he suffered an apparent heart attacked on a bus travelling on Ottery Road in Cape Town. An off-duty ER24 paramedic was travelling on the bus to work when he noticed one of the passengers experiencing difficulty in breathing. The patient apparently clutched his chest and fell to the ground unconscious. The paramedic initiated CPR after he found that the man showed no signs of life. After just a few minutes of CPR the patient’s vital signs returned. The bus was stopped outside of the Ottery Fire station where local fire fighters and an awaiting ER24 ambulance crew assisted and continued treatment. The man was transported to Victoria Hospital for treatment. ER24 urges members of the public to learn basic CPR as early intervention can mean the difference between life and death.   https://youtu.be/18MnYPDrhIU

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