Pool and beach safety – 10 tips to remember

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Plan on spending your time at the pool or at the beach? While this is exactly how many people plan on spending their time after a cold winter, ER24 urges the public to be responsible while welcoming the warmer months. Drowning, especially during the warmer months, is a common occurrence. Below are some tips to keep in mind to prevent drowning: • Remember that anyone, including people who can swim, are at risk of drowning. Avoid taking risks and being overconfident. • Refrain from drinking alcohol if you plan on swimming or if you are supervising others who are swimming. Remember that alcohol impairs movement and thinking. • Children must always be supervised while around water or if swimming. Never allow a child to swim without adult supervision. • Keep your pool covered with an approved safety/pool net when not in use. It is a good idea to put a fence around your pool if it is not fenced. • Never dive into or act recklessly around a pool. Remember that you could easily fall or slip into the water and get injured. • Do not swim far out into the ocean. You may struggle due to fatigue or get swept away. Swim in designated areas. • Wear a life jacket especially when participating in water sports. • Never swim alone. • Learn how to swim if you do not know how to. • It is vital that you learn first aid and CPR… you never know when you may need to assist someone in need.

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