Have you really prepared for your holiday?

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The festive season is almost upon us and you have probably been planning for some time. But how ready will you be should an emergency arise during your vacation.

During the festive season of 2016, 1714 people lost their lives, as reported by Transport Minister Dipuo Peters. This was an increase of 4% from the previous year.

By reading our guidelines, you will be able to be properly prepared for any emergency that may arise while you are on your holiday.

Plan for the worst.

No-one wishes to be involved in an emergency, but, statistically, it will happen. Properly preparing for your holiday can decrease the odds and, should the need arise, you will be equipped for your emergency.


Making sure that your vehicle is roadworthy is of utmost importance. By checking your vehicle, you can minimise the risk of your vehicle breaking down.

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) recommends that a 52-point-check-up should be done before going on a long trip. These inspections can be done at any reputable vehicle service centre.

A number of necessities should also be packed in your vehicle, should an emergency arise.

These include:

*Power bank – Should you be stranded and your cellphone needs an emergency charge.

*First aid kit.

*Fire extinguisher.

*Reflective warning triangles.

*Tire gauge.

*Foam tyre sealant.

*Jumper cables.

*Flashlight and batteries.

*Workers gloves.

*Duct tape.

*Tow rope.

*Multipurpose utility tool.

*Rain Poncho.

*Drinking water.

*Non-perishable snacks.

*Warm blanket.

On your journey

By following these few tips, you can make sure that your journey is a pleasant one.

*Know your route and the rest stops along the way.

*Stop every 200km or every 2 hours.

*Drink plenty of cool liquids to stay hydrated

*Listen to some music while driving to ensure you do not become drowsy.

*Should you become drowsy, pull over in a safe area and have a good stretch and a brisk walk.

Your destination.

How well do you know your destination? An emergency can happen at any time. Knowing just a few of the below tips can make the difference between life and death.

*Know where your closest hospital or general practitioners are located.

*Have a list of the emergency services in the area.

*Make sure that each family member carries a card with all their emergency medical information on it.

Remember, by adhering to the rules of the road and by following our guidelines, you can guarantee yourself a safe and well-rested holiday.

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