[STELLENBOSCH] – Multiple vehicle collision leaves approximately 10 injured.

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Approximately 10 people were injured this afternoon after a four-vehicle collision on the R44 outside of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

ER24 paramedics, along with Metro services, arrived on the scene and found the vehicles all across the road. On vehicle was found lying on its side while another was found smashed against the roadside barrier. The two other vehicles were found in the middle of the road.

Upon assessment, paramedics found that approximately ten patients were injured on the scene. The injuries sustained ranged from minor to critical.

Paramedics immediately began treating the patients and providing the seriously and critically injured patients with advanced life support interventions. Once treated, the patients were transported to Mediclinic Paarl and Mediclinic Cape Gate for further treatment. One of the critically injured patients was airlifted by the AMS Helicopter to Tygerburg Hospital for further treatment.

Local authorities had to close off the road to begin their investigation into the cause of the collision.

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