15 DEC
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Have you really prepared for your holiday?

The festive season is almost upon us and you have probably been planning for some time. But how...

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11 NOV
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Voices of ER24’s Contact Centre

“ER24 Hugo speaking what is your emergency?” Meet 21-year-old Hugo Muller, a call taker at the...

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Do you know what to do?

Do you know what to do if you are involved in a collision? You could be involved in a collision at any time and it is best to know what you should and

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09 SEP
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A Second of Panic

When faced with a medical emergency, even the most calm of people will be sent into a panic,...

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10 AUG
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Unknown man found with fatal injuries in Thokoza

JOHANNESBURG EAST – Thokoza 10 AUGUST 2013 at 04:40 During the early hours of this morning the...

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