08 FEB
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[STELLENBOSCH] – Multiple vehicle collision leaves approximately 10 injured.

Approximately 10 people were injured this afternoon after a four-vehicle collision on the R44...

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27 NOV
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[KNYSNA] – Vehicle rolls off road killing one, injuring seven.

One man was killed and seven other injured this afternoon after a vehicle rolled of the N2,...

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05 OCT
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[STRAND] – 14-year-old injured in shoot-out.

A 14-year-old boy was injured this morning after an apparent shoot-out on Petunia Road in Strand...

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Do you know what to do?

Do you know what to do if you are involved in a collision? You could be involved in a collision at any time and it is best to know what you should and

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02 OCT
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[GEORGE] bBike and car crash killing one, injuring two

A man was killed and two others injured this afternoon on the N9 near the N12 split in George....

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15 APR
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Woman airlifted from Seapoint.

An elderly woman was airlifted from the Seapoint area in the Westerbn Cape after she suffered an...

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