20 JUN
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Are you abusing or addicted to OTC, prescription medication?

What are some of the drugs that come to mind when you think about abuse or addiction? Cocaine,...

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15 APR
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Woman airlifted from Seapoint.

An elderly woman was airlifted from the Seapoint area in the Westerbn Cape after she suffered an...

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08 MAR
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Scores suffer from apparent food poisoning

Roughly 80 people suffered apparent food poisoning this afternoon at a resort near Ventersburg...

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CPR saves lives!

The thing about an emergency is that you never know when one may arise?

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22 FEB
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ER24 welcomes Dr Moodley to its Fixed Wing Services  

ER24 recently welcomed Doctor Kumeshan Moodley to the company’s Fixed Wing Services. Dr...

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23 JUN
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A man’s health checklist

No matter how old you are, if you’re a man, you’re probably avoiding your annual health...

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